An easy way to get your song "plays" up

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Why has the song "yesyesyes" so quickly gotten 400+ plays on ClownBasket?  Because she embeded her ClownBasket song into her personal web page.  So, every time someone hits her web page, her song is automatically launched and ticks another "Play" on ClownBasket.  If you are interested, here is the nuts and bolts of what she did:

The code to paste on someone's page to auto play the song is like this:

<embed src=
<noembed> <bgsound src=
""> </noembed>

Where 88f4bec8-359e-4f24-8942-c5d944125b10.mp3 is the audio file name. This is something she did it on her own. If you use the widget from clownbasket, it will embed the song, but it is not configured to "Auto Play".

So, the process she did was, goto a song details page. Do "View Source". Find for this string ".Mp3". You will see some link like this
"". Take this link and paste it in the code above and embed it on websites which allow you to embed contents from other websites.

How to Copyright a song (or poem, for that matter)

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Copyrighting your song is easy.  And there is a trick you can use to save money.  I would go thru the process step by step, however, the Library of Congress website does a great job of walking you thru the process.  Here it is:  The trick is to copyright lots of songs at once (under one filing).  The fee is $35 dollars if you copyright one song or many songs.  And you can use MP3's.  You can also copyright poems and other works as well.  I definitely takes a bit of time to get thru the process, but it is well worth it. 

In the meantime, be sure to go thru the "poor man's copyright."  This is the process of "protecting" your work without going thru the official copyright process via the Library of Congress.  In the old days, we used to put our songs on a CD and mail it to ourselves.  We would not open the mailing, so that it would have that unopene, postmarked envelope to show a judge some day.  There are some flaws in this process (ie, you could mail yourself a blank envelope without sealing it, get the postmark you desire, and then put the CD in later).  Fortunately, there is a better and easier way.  Upload your songs to and you will accomplish a similar goal.  Each upload is timestamped, so, you always have that mp3 file uploaded on a certain date, at a certain time.  Tough to dispute that.

Keep in mind, I am not advocating a Poor Man's Copyright in lieu of a real copyright.  Get your works copyrighted.  It is important!

Movie Recommendation - Three Days of the Condor

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If you liked Borne Identity, then you need to go to Netflix and queue up Three Days of the Condor.  The movies are not all that similar in their content or plot.  But, instead, they have the same "tone".  These movies keep you stressfully interested by way of an undercurrent of suspense and intrigue.  Certain movies seem to do that, most recently Old Country for Old Men and 3:10 to Yuma. 

Most movie buffs have seen the Borne movies with Matt Damon.  In Three Days, Robert Redford is the main character.  Both actors seem to approach their roles in a similar way: complexity and vulnerability.  Now, keep in mind, this movie was made in the 70s.  So it is far more subtle than any of the Bornes.  No explosions or dramatic fist fights.  It is, instead, a mental thriller, much like All the Presidents Men or Marathon Man.  So make sure you approach the movie with your 70s goggles on. 

In the story Robert Redford works for the CIA.  He is a book worm.  His small department of 9 or so is tasked with one purpose: read books and manuscripts.  They "read everything", trying to find hidden plots by other governments.  (Does that role actually exist in our government?)  One work day, he gets back from lunch on a rainy day only to find that his entire department has been brutally gunned down.  Redford is alone with no one to trust except his own instincts and training.  As the movie goes on, you become more and more convinced that he will figure out his conundrum.  Keep in mind, Redford is not a "rock star" main character.  He is a stern, mysterious man with likability and intrigue.  It is that 70's flair that makes this movie a classic.  And lets not forget Max von Sydow and Faye Dunaway.  Both are perfect for their rolls. 

If you like 70's esoteric thrillers, you will love Three Days of the Condor.  The original Borne Identity.

Missed Opportunities...

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The new song by Chapter 37 got me thinking about college for some reason.  Probably the guitar work at the begining - reminicient of Nirvanna.  Anyway, I had two and a half botched music opportunities happen within a 2 year time period during my freshman and sophmore years college.

The first was Phish.  My suite-mate at UW-Madison kept telling me about this awesome band named Phish.  He was way into hooch and listening to this "newer" band.  We are talking fall of 1990.  The height of political correctness and begining of alternative rock.  He was a funny guy.  East coast, Boston-type.  Very smart.  Stuck in a dorm with a bunch of Mid-westerners who thought of Madison as a party school.  Oddly enough, most of the east coast crowd had no idea of the Madison reputation.  Apparently Madison's reputation on the east coast was much more academic-centric.  I digress.  We called him Jam.  I think his name was James and I think he went on to have a role with the band as a promotor.  Jam was serious about Phish and he said he was going to book them for a gig in Madison.  I remember thinking to myself, how cool could a band be that Jam could book?  Hey, you can book MY band if you want!  But Jam didn't like my music.  He liked Phish.  And I hated it.  Everything he played for me made no sense.  You think this sounds like the Dead?  I love the Dead and Phish can't hold a candle!

Anyway, Jam booked Phish to play in Madison.  I went to the concert (mostly because I didn't want to let Jam down).  I stood in the front row.  I still remember them jumping on the little trampolines during the song "Bouncing 'Round the Room".  Classic.  I had a good time.  Here's the deal.  Jam insisted that he was going to introduce us to the band after the show.  I was not much for smoking pot, so I ducked out.  My other roommate and Jam hung out with Trey and the boys most of the night after the show.  I blew it.  I could have hung out with one of the best guitarists to hit the scene in the last 25 years!  Ugh.

Shortly after that missed opportunity was another blown call.  My buddys begged me to join them for a trip to Milwaukee.  They were going to see Neil Young at a "quaint" venue.  I waffled back and forth and decided against going.  BTW, I LOVED Neil Young at the time.  I have no idea why I didn't go.  Must have been a girl...

Anyway, they came back from this concert and said that Neil was up on stage in front of a crowd in the hundreds (not thousands).  He had like 25 guitars all lined up on the stage.  He would pace up and down the stage with his hand up to his chin (pondering) and then, out of spontaneous inspiration, select a guitar that prompted a specific song.  He had differnt tunings too.  In fact, I think he played Cinnamon Girl.  Again, I WASN'T THERE, so I am only telling what was told to me!  What a blown opportunity.

The last was not a huge deal to me.  My roomates my sophmore year loved Bruce Hornsby.  They begged me to go to his show when he came to Madison.  I said no way.  They ended up on stage with him during the show.  These guys were beaming when they got back.  But even then I didn't care.  Still don't. 

Explicit Songs

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Thanks to those of you who have helped out with the "Explicit" tagging.  As you are know, making the explict determination is a subjective one.  Songs in ClownBasket that have content or words that are only appropriate for a mature audience will get the Explicit tag.  Furthermore, Song titles with certain words in them will get asterisks replacing those words.  This is a similar formula that iTunes and others have used, and we have had very few complaints regarding our selections.

That said, if/when we miss a song that needs the Explicit tag, please continue your tradition of communicating with us (either through the "Having Trouble" button or directly on the comments fields) and we will act accordingly.

JCNice. Current Songs MVP.

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Has anyone checked out JCNice?  He has 5 Bands in ClownBasket and they all pretty much rock!  You need to listen to "She Takes Me To The Country" by the Cads.  Also, "Riverside" by JCNice and the Fun Church has been one of our "Top Played" for a long time now.  And then, with The Fritz, he rolls out "Continental Division."  Very nice to have quality musicians like JCNice involved in the community of ClownBasket.  Check out his music.  Very iPod-worthy!

Upload techniques for maximum ClownBasket exposure

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How do you get the best exposure for your music and your band?  Here are a couple of techniques that seem to work well:

  1. Upload songs periodically, and not all at once.  Uploading to ClownBasket is form of advertising.  You will want your band name to appear more often so that you stay on the front page.  If you post all your songs at one time, you may minimize your audience over time.
  2. Fill in complete "Genres" and "Tags".  The ClownBasket Songs database is searchable.  If your songs fit into certain Genres, be sure to make that available to the ClownBasket community.
  3. Tell us about your band.  People like that stuff.  Give us some reason to be interested in your band by writing a little bit about it.
  4. Post your Events.  If your band is playing somewhere, ClownBasket members want to know.
  5. Download and Comment on other people's music.  This is very important.  We all want someone to care about our songs.  So, pay it forward by commenting on someone's song or band.  Admit it, when someone has commented on your song, you want to know more about them.  And you will likely listen to some of their tunes.  This is a great way to drive people to your music.

Hey, there is some good original music out there on ClownBasket.  We have seen incredible spikes in the last couple weeks.  More and more people are finding us thanks to your good words.  So stay active and keep participating in the underground of good music! 

Movie Review (or, more like, Recommendation) - Long Way Round

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Enough about ClownBasket.  Has anyone seen the movie "Long Way Round"?  If you haven't, you need to see it.  My wife and I rented it thru Netflix and, I must admit, I wasn't sold after the first 10 minutes.  I mean, it was my wife's selection, and I tend to be a little less forgiving.  But I hung in there and man am I glad.  Anyway, the movie is not really a movie at all.  It is really a documentary about Ewan McGregor (you know, Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars I, II, & III) and his buddy Charley Boorman (you know, the creepy golden masked boy in 1981's Excalibur - dude, if you haven't seen Excalibur, it is really a classic.  I think I watched it over 50 times on cable when I was a kid.  It was on Showtime or Cinimax almost nightly in the mid 80's).  So where was I?  Okay.  Documentary.  Ewan.  Boorman.  They ride their motorcycles around the world.  Starting in Europe and making their way thru Asia.  Up the Road of Bones.  Cross over into Alaska.  Down thru Canada and into the US before they make it to New York City. 

I can't remember how long it takes or how many fights they got in or many of the details (since it has been almost two years since I saw it), but it is facinating.  They bring a 3rd biker with them to film themselves the whole time.  The stuff they run into.  The people they meet.  The trouble they narrowly divert.  It is really an amazing story.

So, enjoy.  Long Way Round.  It is solid.  BTW, has anyone seen Long Way Down yet?  Apparently they made another movie where they wen't from North to South.  Haven't seen it yet.

Login Trouble

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Hey, let me know if you are having trouble logging in.  I just had some trouble myself.  Turns out, I needed to close my Internet Explorer app and reopen it.  After I did that, I was able to log-in.  So, send me a comment if you have had this issue (or any others).

Uploading your songs to social networking sites

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This is one of the best ways for you to get exposure for your music.  You original songs should be plastered all over your favorite social networking sites.  FaceBook and MySpace are just two of the dozen or so sites where you can embed your original songs with ClownBasket. 

We have been asked that question a lot: How can I upload my songs/music to FaceBook or MySpace?  Well, it couldn't be easier with  Simply upload your original songs to clownbasket and then go to the "song page" for that specific song.  Once there, just follow the instructions midway down on the screen and your song will be instantly embedded into your social site of choice.

When people hit your "wall" or page or whatever, they should be able to hear your music.  Be sure to take advantage of this slick new feature.

And don't forget, it's just as easy for your music shows/concerts.  Embed those events too!